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Types of therapeutic massages

Nothing is the best way to utilize your weekend than having a relaxing massage session. Yes, therapeutic massages are the perfect way to release your week long stress, tension and anxiety.  There are different types of massages in Asheville which can be taken for such purposes, but before you choose any of the massages, you should be ensured that every massage has some different goals and  different method to be used to get the most possible benefits. To get such massage Asheville you can contact any of your nearest spa or salon. Below mentioned are some therapeutic massages that you can get in such facilities:

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Trigger point massage

Trigger point massages are there to target the trigger point of the body. Trigger points are considered as the tight areas in the muscle tissues which cause pain in different parts of the body.  For example, tension is in back trigger point then it can gradually refer to the pain in the neck and then neck begins acting like ac trigger point and causes head ache. Trigger point massage is conducted to alleviate the pain sources via isolated pressure and relieve cycles.

Deep tissue massage – Deep tissue massage Ashville is dedicated to ease the chronic pain caused by muscle tension.  This massage targets the deepest muscle, fascia and tendon layers. It has been found in an independent research that a single 50 to 60 minute massage is very effective in decreasing the stress, hormone level, blood pressure and heart rate too, at the same time boosting the energy, relaxation and mood by triggering the serotonin and oxytocin release.

Sport massage –This type of massage is designed especially for the sport persons, weekend joggers to professionals.  Particular messaging techniques are used for individual sport persons or athletes. This massage targets the stressed and overused body.  Thus, this massage is beneficial in reducing the recovering time and boosting individual’s performance.


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