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Trimethylglycine: Your Partner in Life!

People have different health and fitness goals that they aim to achieve as targets in their minds. Some of them aim to lose weight, increase in height, and some simply just want to be physically fit. Do you also have such goals in life? If so, Trimethylglycine is the best partner for you. It is the perfect supplement for boosting your health and well-being.  Buy Trimethylglycine powder, and discover and feel the true meaning of healthiness. It is very much affordable, useful, safe and reliable. Once tested, it sure leaves a lasting positive impression.

Trimethylglycine, also known as Betaine, is a nutrient commonly found from the food being consumed such as beet, broccoli, spinach, grains, and shellfish. Using Trimethylglycine brings a lot of benefits to your health. It functions both as a methyl donor and osmolyte to your body.

Methyl Donor       

Trimethylglycine is a methyl donor supplement which is responsible for helping the body produce several brain chemicals which improves mood, energy, wellbeing, alertness, concentration, and good eyesight or visual clarity. As a methyl donor, it carries and donates methyl molecules which are essential for the body’s cell reproduction and other various chemical processes, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. This methyl donor supplement also helps protect the body’s cellular DNA from mutation and keeps the liver healthy by detoxification.


Another benefit that you can get from using Trimethylglycine is that it acts as an osmolyte and improves water retention of the cells and prevents it from the risk of dehydration. Water is very important for cellular health. Without it, cell membranes become less permeable, impeding the normal flow of hormones and nutrients into the cell and preventing waste products that cause cell damage from flowing out.

That is what happens during cellular dehydration. So normally, it goes in and out of the cells in order to supervise and regulates cellular hydration state. Hence, the higher cellular trimethylglycine concentration there is, the more chance there is for the cell structure to be preserved and have more endurance to withstand environmental stress. That is how your body needs the aid of Trimethylglycine.

Homocysteine Reducer

Trimethylglycine plays a vital role in decreasing the level of amino homocysteine that naturally circulates in the blood, which could affect our heart, brain, blood vessels, and other organs of your body. Having a high level of this certain amino acid in your body is a dire case. It leads to having the risks of developing heart disease, migraines, dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

People having high-level homocysteine in the body means they lack enough folate, and vitamins B6 and B12 in their diet. And that is where Trimethylglycine can help as it functions very closely with choline, folic acid (folate), vitamin b12, and S-adenosylmethionine, which makes it the perfect vitamin replacement to return the homocysteine level to normal.  Trimethylglycine aids the body in converting homocysteine to methionine.

Liver Defense

According to UMMC, trimethylglycine may have protective effects on the liver and could prevent fatty liver deposits. The fatty liver disease can be developed from certain health disorders and negative vices such as chronic alcohol use or alcoholism, insufficient protein intake, obesity, and diabetes. And trimethylglycine, as a nutritional aide, supports the functionality of the liver by reducing or decreasing the liver fat and abdominal pain. And not just that, it also said to help repair the alcohol-induced liver damage.

There are a lot of other benefits that you can get by daily supplementing Trimethylglycine. Several studies have yielded some impressive results regarding the matter. It is concluded that athletes who are weight-trained, increased muscle strength and power by taking 1.25 grams of trimethylglycine twice daily. Trimethylglycine supplementation increased markers of protein synthesis; Trimethylglycine can enhance the person’s endurance, improving their sprint capacity and cycling power.

Trimethylglycinealso demonstrated positive influence on anabolic environment-increased GH and IGF-1 levels, yet decreased cortisol. Those who are used as the test subjects have increased muscle mass, arm size, and decreased body fat. Many studies were 10-15 days in nature before acquiring the anticipated results, which demonstrates the supplement’s potential rapid results.

Therefore, you won’t regret a bit if you chose to buy Trimethylglycine powder for it has tons of benefits in, it which makes it worth your every penny.


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