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Tips For Optimum Skin Care

Our skin tells our story; it is the cover to that incredible and interesting book that we are. Our genetics, type of lifestyle, and treatment all play a powerful role on how our skin ages, and our skin, whether we like it or not, will age. We can, however, pay attention to a few areas in our life that can have a positive impact on how our skin ages. By following a few tips, your skin can continue to appear healthy and tell the story that you want to share with the world.

Eat Well

Eating a healthy diet is one of the most common tips that dermatologists will give you. Making sure that it is low in sugar, high in vitamins A, C and E and high in antioxidants will help the skin repair and regenerate damaged cells. This will help skin maintain its elasticity and firmness. Green vegetables such as kale, spinach, and broccoli are all high in vitamins A and C and help produce collagen which provides protection from free radicals and toxins. Drinking plenty of water also keeps our skin hydrated, especially during those colder months when our skin becomes dry very easily. By keeping our skin hydrated, we are able to minimize those fine wrinkles that appear around our eyes, mouth and on our foreheads.

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Rest and Destress

When we don’t rest the right amount, we usually wake up with dark circles under our eyes. Wrinkles appear to have set in even more, and our skin begins to do funny things. Rashes can appear due to stress, our skin can look dry, and we usually don’t treat our skin to the treatment it deserves when we are being challenged in our everyday lives. Essential oils are a great and natural way to help our bodies and mind rest and become de-stressed. Oils such as lavender can relax our minds, citrus oils can improve our moods, and mint has been known to be uplifting. Also, making sure that we are sleeping the right amount of hours that our body needs is vital in ensuring that our skin looks healthy and fresh.

Choose the Right Skin Care Regime

We can’t really do much about our genetics. However, when we partner with a skin care company that has studied the impact of genes on our skin and incorporated gene-based technology to their products to help our skin look younger and healthier longer, we are giving our skin the best treatment. Nu Skin’s ageLOC product range provides skin care products that target the sources of aging and leaves our skin looking younger and firm. Nu Skin’s Galvanic Spa, for example, lets you take the lead in your skin care treatment and offers you the opportunity to treat your skin in your own home. By complementing your facial with Nu Skin’s ageLOC cleansers, moisturizers, and serums you know that you are working with a powerful skin care regime that works.


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