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Three Main Back Wreckers You Shouldn’t Ignore

Back pain is an indication you have wrecked your back in one way or another. Although what you are doing right now looks good, you are probably setting yourself up for back pain. Back pain has become an unavoidable discomfort to many people today. However, you can do a lot to control and avoid back injuries than you think. Don’t wreck your back! Many people wreck their back unknowingly in a number of ways such as:

  • Being insensitive to their movements
  • Not stretching
  • Years of wear and tear

Here are some back wreckers you need to know, and some simple strategies you should use to avoid them:

Weekend Warfare

If you are not careful during that round of golf or basketball game on a weekend, you may injure your back. Don’t think you are an athlete before you have trained to do what they do. If you try to play weekend games like a pro while you are not, you will easily wreck your back. If you spend your entire week idle at home, you shouldn’t come up with a list of activities to do in just one day. According to article, such activities could easily set you up for back injuries. Anyone who was idle for a week should avoid:

  • Spending hours in the garden
  • Bending over a workbench
  • Cleaning out the garage
  • Strenuous games on the playing field


Being absentminded while working

If you don’t prepare your body for simple tasks such as washing the dishes or collecting the trash, your spine may be bent out of shape. The movements you make don’t have to involve a heavy object or be exaggerated. You could easily injure your back as you load the dishwater or grab that paperclip off the floor. Your mind should focus on what you are doing if you want to avoid back problems. Many people develop back injuries when performing such simple tasks since their body and mind are fatigued. Don’t ignore the back pain you feel since a disc could be rupturing without your knowledge. Ensure you seek medical attention from injury center ocean city MD or any other reputable injury center.

Sitting and Computing

Most people sit while in front of the television, driving, and at work. It’s not good for your back! Why? The back discs that cushion your spine vertebrae are spongy, and the blood supply to the discs is poor. The body fluid circulates through the spongy discs when you move. The fluid is wrung out when you just sit still. This deprives the discs of nutrition. Sitting in front of your computer for hours will only stress your back and hurt your discs. Your spine discs are nourished when there are movements. Linking to a article, sitting and leaning forward, is the worst posture that causes serious long-term back damage.

It’s not always a good thing to rush to pain relievers when back pain strikes. Just know the habits that cause back injury and avoid them. If back pain persists, visit a reputable back injury center for medical help. Back pain that seems slight could require urgent care. The older you are, the more back problems you develop.


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