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The Effectiveness OfAnastrozoleIn Treating Breast Cancer

Anastrozole is recognized as the generic name for Arimidex. It is used for treating breast cancer in women post menopause. There are some breast cancers that do grow rapidly by one natural hormone, known as estrogen. This medicine lessens the amount of estrogen your body makes and helps in reversing or slowing the development of these breast cancers. It is commonly recognized as Adex by many bodybuilders plus in the spheres of health and strength. This medication got approval for use in the year 1995 and it was initially introduced for helping breast cancer treatment.

The patients are given Anastrozole 1 mg daily and patients who are suffering from progressive level breast cancer should continue to take this medication until the tumor progresses. This medication is regarded as an aromatase inhibitor. By this, it is meant that it hinders the enzyme aromatase which is found in your body’s fat, breast, skin, and muscle. Enzyme aromatase is utilized for transforming androgens into estrogens. So, tumor cells that are dependent on estrogens do not develop much when there isn’t any estrogen. However, your physician will check you on a regular basis to see if there is anyside effect of this medication or not and also for checking your response to this therapy.

Methods of taking this medication

You are highly advised to take this medication along with food or without food or as recommended by your physician. This medication is generally taken once daily. You are required to take this medication on a regular basis to extract maximum benefit from it. However, to help you remember, you must take it at the same time every day. Never increase or decrease the dose on your own. You shouldn’t even take this drug frequently or for a longer period of time than prescribed. Remember, your condition will not improve faster if you take this medication in large doses.

On the contrary, the danger of side effects will upsurge with the irresponsible use of this drug. This medication gets absorbed via your lungs and skin and can cause harm to an unborn baby, so pregnant women or a woman who is planning to become pregnant shouldn’t take this medication. Before taking this medication you must inform your physician about health illnesses, like osteoporosis, abnormal cholesterol, and heart conditions. This medication can cause a huge danger for heart disease so; have a talk with your physician beforehand for weighing the benefits as well as the risks.

Disposing of this medication

ARIMIDEX tablets that are used for oral administration do contain Anastrozole 1 mg and this medication is highly unsafe to be used by children. This is the reason you must keep the container tightly closed and certainly out of children’s reach. You must store this medication at room temperature, away from excess moisture and heat. Unrequired medications need to be disposed of properly so that children, pets or other people do not consume them. You shouldn’t even flush the remaining medication in the toilet. You can dispose of this medication via one medicine take-back program.



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