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Psychological Effect of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile Dysfunction in men is the inability of a man to have or maintain an erect penis when sexually aroused. It can also be related to the failure of a man to last longer during sex or when he attains orgasm too quickly.

Erectile dysfunction has an adverse physiological effect on men suffering from this predicament. Erectile dysfunction can lead to depression among other things. We are going to highlight some of the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction:

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  • It can cause low self-esteem in men in their inability to satisfy women. This will lead to withdrawal from social activities especially when you are likely to make contact with a woman. Men that suffer from erectile dysfunction are usually not social and will prefer solitude.
  • In most cases, these men have infertility issues and may suffer from societal pressure or discrimination. This is common in developing countries, especially in rural area.
  • The inability to enjoy sexual intercourse which is one of the natural pleasures known to man. Sex has its health benefits for men, and the failure to perform sexually will deprive the man of those health benefits. For instance, sexual activities have been known to relax, and calm individual and doctors encourage sexual activities to calm the mind. However, it has been noticed that men with erectile dysfunction do suffer from anxiety, depression, inability to control anger and other psychological effects.

The treatment of Erectile dysfunction usually depends on the factors that are responsible for the predicament. In cases where it might be due to stress, depression or lack of nutritious meal, one will consider rest, proper diet and visit to a psychiatrist.

However, there is a drug called Kamagra, which is effective in arousing the genital for a firm erection. The drug can be active for 4 to 6 hours and will increase sexual pleasure and prolong time to reach orgasm. Kamagra online also comes in a jelly form so you can be taken orally, for those that do not like taking drugs to enhance sexual pleasure and enhancement.

It is advisable to visit the doctor for proper diagnosis when suffering from erectile dysfunction. The appropriate solution will be prescribed when the cause of erectile dysfunction is ascertained.


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