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Protect your eyes from allergic reactions

Eyes are a sensitive organ of the human body. If it comes in contact with allergic substances such as pollen and mold spores then it gets infected. There is a membrane located inside the eyelids which covers the eyeball.  When this membrane comes in contact with allergic substances then allergic conjunctivitis occurs. During hay fever, it also causes irritation. It is also a quite common infection of the eye membrane.

What are the common causes and symptoms of the allergic conjunctivitis?

Common causes – it is a common seasonal allergic reaction in which the body reacts against the infection and protect the eyes from severe infections. There are some common causes of getting conjunctivitis such as household dust, animal dander and pollen from trees and grasses, mold spores chemical scents such as perfume and detergent etc.

Common symptoms – if the eyes come in contact with allergens then symptoms can appear soon. There are some common symptoms which show the allergic conjunctivitis reaction such as red or pink eyes, swollen eyelids, soreness, itchiness, pain etc. If the eyes are infected with contact with the allergen then the symptoms can occur at anytime.

How can you treat allergic conjunctivitis?

There are different kinds of products and medicines available in the market for treating the conjunctivitis. If your eyes get infected with the conjunctivitis then you should consult your doctor and take the right treatment before it turns into a serious problem. Allegra is a drug that is most commonly given to treat conjunctivitis. Your doctor may prescribe this medicine which has Fexofenadine as the major constituent if they diagnose the common symptom of conjunctivitis

What are the standard doses of the medication recommended for treating the allergic reaction?

If you want to take the medication for this disease then you should follow all the prescribed instructions of your doctor.  But there are some standard doses that are designed according to the allergic reaction of eyes such as –

  • Children who are over 12 years old should be given 120mg pill in a day for the allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Children who are 6 to 12 years old you should be given 30mg twice in a day.

If you are taking the medicine with acidic fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, orange etc. then it can show some side effects. It is not recommended to have the medicines with the citric acidic fruits. You can also take this medicine at the time of driving and operating machines because it does not cause any interference in your work. But it is not allowed to drive on the first two days of the therapy. You can also buy standard doses from the online drug store such as RXShopMD.

What should you do when you overdose?

Basically, the side effects of the overdoses are not severe and do not stay for more than two hours. If you feel that the overdose of the medicine is not too severe then you can wait for some time. If side effects of intake overdose shows then you can do vomiting and other effects then it is better to seek medical emergency help for controlling the side effects of overdose medicine.


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