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PCOS: Things You Need to Know About Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Every woman wants to be blessed with children and feels that motherhood completes the feminism in her. Thus, once the woman gets married, she tries to conceive and give birth to the children. Many reasons could be attributed to the infertility but you can get the certain cause of infertility by having your test conducted at Genetic Testing Scottsdale Az. Once you know the exact cause of the infertility then you can have proper treatment of the cause and can have children. One of the general causes of the infertility is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is the hormonal imbalance in the body of a woman which results in excess production of male hormones resulting in the hair growing in various parts of the body. This imbalance can be further diagnosed with irregular or absence of menstrual cycle which leads to the infertility in the woman. It further fails to release the egg which copulates with the male sperm to form an embryo which develops into a baby.

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Symptoms of the syndrome

This syndrome could be diagnosed by a number of symptoms evident on the body of a woman. These symptoms are:

  1. Absence or irregular to no menstrual cycle as the ovaries fail to form egg. Thus the females     are unable to conceive.  
  2. Presence of male hormone are increased and hence there are excessive growth of hair on the face and the pubic region of the body and followed by male Baldness also.
  3. Ovaries are increased in the size and contain follicles which cover the egg. Thus, the ovaries fail to perform normally.

Causes of the syndrome

The exact causes of the syndromes are yet to be discovered but it is assumed that the syndrome is caused by:

  1. Excess production of insulin: The Insulin is the hormone which is responsible for the conversion of the food especially carbohydrate into energy. Thus, when the cells of the body of the patients resist to the action of the insulin, the sugar is not able to be converted into energy and hence excess of sugar is being deposited, increasing the sugar level of the body. Thus, the body produces more insulin.   
  2. Low grade inflammation: The body produces the inflammation to fight against the infection which results in the polycystic ovaries to produce the androgen which further gives problem in heart and in blood vessels.
  3. Heredity: It is assumed that certain genes could be related to heredity.   

Treatment of the syndrome

The treatment of the syndrome is two tiers- on one hand it is suggested that the patient should change her existing life style to decrease the body weight and reduce the high calorie food accompanied by exercise. On the other hand, medication is given to the patient to have the Fertility Bloom. Medicines are given to control the excess production of male hormone and the insulin. Further medication is given to normalize the functioning of the ovary to start ovulating. This medication is given in the first half of the menstrual cycles.


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