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Long-Term Effects of Marijuana on the Mind and Body

Marijuana has gained popularity over recent years as more people are accepting the drugs for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, this doesn’t signify that marijuana is safe. Researchers are still to discover how long-term pot puffing influences the body, however, many studies suggest that it can lead to different health problems over the long-run. According to a survey of animal and human, smoking marijuana can destroy your immune system. Below is a list of long-term health effects of marijuana.

Problems with breathing

Even though tobacco and cannabis have different origins, they both cause the same effects on the lungs. These can be very detrimental for that smoking marijuana since they always need to inhale more deeply. Furthermore, marijuana smokers tend to hold the smoke in their lungs for a long time to get high. This heightens the amount of smoke-exposed to your lungs, which makes your lungs very vulnerable to various types of respiratory problems.

For instance, marijuana smokers may experience an increase in phlegm production which leads to constant coughing. Marijuana smokers also have a high chance of having chest colds and lung infections. A study carried out by researchers in California examined the health records of 450 daily marijuana smokers (but not tobacco), they discovered that marijuana smokers frequently got sick and made more trips to the hospital in contrast to people who did not smoke either tobacco or marijuana.

Lung Cancer

Marijuana leads to coughing, colds and a high probability of having lung cancer which is very critical. Smoke from Marijuana contains compounds that lead to lung cancer. Since marijuana smokers have the habit of holding the smoke in their lungs after inhaling it, marijuana smoke will have a high chance of giving you lung cancer. Research suggests that individuals who smoke at least five joints of marijuana in one day may receive more chemicals that cause lung cancer in contrast to an individual smokes a packet of cigarettes per day.

However, this research is still to be proven. Researchers find it hard to discover whether marijuana solely leads to cancer since most marijuana smokers are also cigarette smokers. Smoke from Tobacco and marijuana are similar because they affect the tissues lining the respiratory tract.

If smoking your marijuana is something that you aren’t thrilled with, the option is also there to search for weed cooking recipes online. The benefit here is that you won’t have to actually smoke the product or damage your lungs in the process.

Testicular Cancer

Smoke from Marijuana can be harmful to men in the long term. According to the different studies, there is a connection between high risks of testicular cancer, which is very popular among men under 45. According to a study published in 2012, male consumers of marijuana had a high probability of having testicular cancer than those who didn’t smoke weed. A 2015 study in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Cancer reported that the use of cannabis per week or for more than ten years could lead to a high chance of testicular cancer (especially testicular germ cell tumors, or TGCTs).

Brain Function Changes

The most potent chemical found in the cannabis plant is THC. It can connect specific brain receptors that handle memory and learning. Research shows that marijuana use increases the possibility of long-term, and possibly permanent, changes to the cognitive and behavioral development of young adults developing the brain. According to studies carried out at Duke University, marijuana users between 13 and 38 years old suffered a loss of 8 IQ points, and these mental capacities were not recovered by these individuals, even if they stop smoking marijuana. Moreover, since cannabis functions on sections of the brain linked with mood, cannabis consumers have a high chance of suffering from anxiety or depression. Smokers who have a predisposed or unknown genetic disorder may see it materialize due to marijuana consumption.


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