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How to choose the best synthetic urine for drug test

Potential candidates for employment are those that can integrate their lifestyle with their careers. Employers want to know what lies beyond your resume. Can you work under certain circumstances? This question will be answered by drug test results. It may be for pre-employment or work policy reasons, but whichever the case, passing a drug test is vital for your life. Don’t relax yet, even if you are in possession of synthetic urine. You need to know how to choose the best possible product. Here is how:

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  1. Its resemblance to real urine must be 100%. In most cases, a color spectrum is used to assess whether the urine color in test resembles that of clean urine.  Carry one with you before purchasing the product to be sure of a color match. One of the characteristics of human urine is its ability to maintain bubbles after shaking it. Shake the bottle of synthetic urine and buy one that keeps the bubbles after shaking.
  2. Conduct a research on the brand. The trick going on in the market is this: many manufacturers are using the name “synthetic urine” to win customers. It is therefore necessasy to know that some brands of synthetic urine may not give you 100% results.
  3. Carefully check the expiration date. Some of the brands may be of high quality but may fail the drug test due to an overdue expiry date. You should always ensure that the product is well handled and stored. At all times, you should go for expensive but high quality synthetic urine.

What is the best product?

Impress the interviewing panel with Quick Fix synthetic urine – it is much more an advantage, because it contains all the components found in human urine such as urea and creatinine. It also conforms to the latest urine testing standards and this is one of the primary reasons as to why it is dubbed as the best synthetic urine. Quick Fix synthetic urine has been adopted by the fetish community and educational institutions due to its ability to perfectly substitute human urine.

Each box of this product contains a bottle of synthetic urine with temperature strip and a heat pad. This urine becomes suitable for use once it is heated up to 90 degrees or more.

Recommended kit

Does your boss frequently ask for your urine test? You don’t need to rush to an online/local store any day to purchase synthetic urine when this is asked of you. What if the product is out of stock? You need to be ready for this screening all the time. And how do you do this?

You can buy the best synthetic urine kit, that comes ready for immediate use, saves time and is very easy to use even for beginners. This year has featured many synthetic urine kits, but Peepack is really the best in the market. This brand has been hitherto tested with 100% customer satisfaction and guaranteed results.

Basically, Peepack is a medical device used to store and dispense urine and is widely used for passing drug test. It comes along with an undetectable self-administering system, which can be worn under your clothes. Unlike many similar products in the market, Peepack does not require any time for preparation and can be used immediately upon arrival. It has an absolutely leak proof system and a silent fluid release valve.


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