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How to Become a Personal Trainer in London: How to Get Started

If you have been considering becoming a personal trainer, London is one of the best places to find personal training courses that can make your dream become reality. With a wide range of personal training services, fitness clubs and clients to choose from, London is a great place for a new personal trainer to increase their skills and grow their client list. How do you become a personal trainer in London and what type of commitment is this type of career? Let’s take a look:

Do You Have What It Takes?

To become a personal trainer, you should be passionate about not only your own fitness, but in helping others to become fit. You should have a strong desire to make your dream happen and realise that it is going to take a lot of work to become successful. And not just physical work, you will challenge yourself mentally as well. Ask yourself if you have the commitment it takes to become a successful personal trainer in London and if you can work out every day, multiple times a day with a client and still have time for your own fitness routine. These are some very important questions that will help you decide if a career as a personal trainer is right for you.

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Getting Started

So, what do you need to get started as a personal trainer? There are many qualifications available in this career and to be called a personal trainer, you need a Level 3 Certificate. A Level 2 Certificate will qualify you only as a Fitness Instructor which does allow you to work as a gym instructor but not independently as a personal trainer. SomeLevel 3 courses do incorporate the Level 2 in the package but not every course does so you should ask before signing up if that is important to you.

Choosing a personal trainer course can also be difficult as there are many personal training courses London has to offer and some are better than others, some are less expensive than others and some take longer to become certified than others. Do your research before choosing a personal trainer course that is right for you.

Speaking of how much time a course will take, you will need to look at the pros and cons of each personal training course to decide which one fits your schedule best. You could choose the fastest route which involves full time study, or if your schedule isn’t that flexible, you could choose a part time personal training course which will take longer to receive your certification.

     Whichever personal training course you choose, be sure that it offers the training you need and the specialised courses you are interested in. Becoming a personal trainer in London takes some time and effort, but the reward is well worth it.

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