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Home Pregnancy Test – How To Get The Most Accurate Result?

Taking a pregnancy test is the first step when you suspect you may be pregnant. Since the test kits are available for home use, you don’t have to visit the doctor every time you want to clear the doubts. These kits are found to deliver close to 99% accurate results for tests, so you needn’t be apprehensive a bit.

Furthermore, different manufacturers make these test kits to check pregnancy easily at home and most of them work on the same formula – to detect the hCG or human Chorionic Gondotrophin hormone in urine and get clarity. You should know the fetus is responsible for producing this hormone and this is why the tests more or less remain accurate

You should also know –

  • hCG hormone can only be detected in the urine when you’re pregnant
  • The levels of hormone would increase as the pregnancy progresses
  • The hormone is at its peak levels in the urine of those pregnant for around 8-11 weeks before dripping down gradually at 12-16 weeks
  • Test kits for pregnancy are capable of detecting the hCG levels as low as 10 or 25mlU/ml
  • Pregnant ladies can hope to detect around 25mlU hormone 10 days after ovulation (DPO)
  • Anyone pregnant can expect to detect around 50mlU levels after 10 days ovulation and around 100mlU after 14 days past the DPO

Tips to get accurate results with pregnancy tests 

Many ladies are not sure about the accuracy levels of tests done at home and they rather still prefer to take conventional route. Well, they should put aside all those apprehensions and worries as these kits are capable of delivering up to 99% accurate results.

You should know that –

  • Many of these kits claim accuracy when the test is done on the first day of the missed period or earlier
  • Any lack of accuracy is results will be more due to the method used rather than inadequacy of the kits alone
  • You should never buy test kits with poor detection limits for hCG hormone
  • In some cases, the faulty results are also due to low levels of the hormone available in urine to get detected
  • In cases of inaccuracy, most of these test are more likely to give a “false negative” than a “false positive”
  • The ideal day to test is on the first day of the missed period
  • The body may already be producing the hormone before your period is due
  • You may perhaps get a positive result when the test is done earlier than the first day of the missed period but it may be inaccurate
  • Negative results are also likely in cases when hCG levels are yet to reach to the level of being detected for pregnancy
  • Not all positive results shown may develop into a true pregnancy as miscarriage can’t be ruled out
  • It thus all boils down to the kind of test kits used to check pregnancy and getting the most accurate results possible
  • You can trust an online store and buy pregnancy test kit to get quality product at low prices


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