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Everything You Need to Know about Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

Perhaps you have seen or heard about mushroom extracts. However, have you heard about the lion’s mane extract? It is a supplement that everyone is talking about. It’s a dual-extract powdertaken out from the lion’s mane mushroom. If you need more information on this amazing culinary and medicinal supplement, here are the full details of the lion’s mane mushroom extract.

The extract comes from mushroom fruiting bodies in a ratio of 20:1-

There are various types of lion’s mane mushroom extract. Some are extracted from the mycelium and others from the spores. Some supplements are full-spectrum (extracted from all the three parts of themushroom). The fruiting body consists of Hericenones whichare extracted and packed in powder form.

The Hericenones containa largeamount of beneficial beta-glucan content. The 20:1 rationed lion’s mane extract is rich in healthy, therapeutic and healing properties. One product contains materials extracted from 20 fruiting bodies.

Dual-Extract has various nutritional and health benefits:

The extract contains all that you need for a healthy body. It consists of every beneficial ingredient present in lion’s mane mushroom, also known as Yamabushitake.

The mushroom extract contains immune-modulating properties. It supports and enhances the immune system by either suppressing or stimulating inflammation, depending on circumstances. As such, Yamabushitake is considered helpful in boosting the immune system and preventing the body against disease pathogens.

Besides immune boosting, the extract has restorative and organ protectingcapabilities. Its stimulating properties help in boosting the growth of white blood cells.

The lion’s mane extract triggers the healing of gastric ulcers. It creates a mucus barrier in the stomach hence preventing the survival of H. Pylori, the ulcer-causing bacteria. The supplement reducesinflammation, aids in food digestion and also treats other digestive disorders.

The mushroom extract is beneficial in the regulation of blood sugar levels. It reduces cholesterol levels, insulin sensitivity,and allergies. Also, it is known to heal diseases such as neuronal degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis.  It also enhances brain functioning.

Yamabushitake extract has anti-aging properties. Its, therefore, a longevity supplement. It slows down the symptoms of cognitive decline and keeps the mental faculties clear, focused and sharp. Its working mechanism can help reverse neurological damage caused by aging or other factors. The nutritional aspect of the supplementmaintainsa healthy body and makes it look fine and younger. It has carbohydrates and proteins which help in body growth and functioning.

It’s a supplement, not a drug for disease treatment

Scientific research confirms that Yamabushitake extract does well in alleviating disease symptoms and promoting body health. However, it’s not an alternative medicine. For beginners, it is recommendable that you consult your doctor before using the extract. It is not advisable to use the Yamabushitake extract as a self-treatment to chronic illnesses. The supplement should not cause you to delay or avoid medical care.

Where to find it?

You can order Yamabushitake extract online or purchase in stores. The UK store MindNutrition, stocks this type of product. You can also order online through Theproducts are certified as organic and safe to use

No confirmed Side effects:

There is little information about the side effects of the Yamabushitake extract. This is because it’s a natural supplement and also used as food areas such as Europe, Asia,andNorth America. However, some say it may cause allergies. You should always go for the pure lion’s mane mushroom extract;it’s extracted in its pure state. The dual-extract 20:1 does not cause any side effects.

Ways to use it:

The Yamabushitake extract can be taken in tea, juice or smoothie. It is advisable to always follow the dosage instructions when taking the supplement.


If you need a supplement that produces results, the lion’s mane extract is recommendable. The above information will help you tounderstand more about the extract. It is the solution to ill health, metabolism,andnutrition problems.


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