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Essential Oils for Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

To treat and cure the itchy scalp and the hair loss problems that arise because of such scalp, essential oils have been used by a wide variety of individuals of all ages.

It is very devastating for any individual to have an itchy scalp. An itchy scalp often results in Hair thinning which leads to the hair loss. It can result in baldness if this is left unattended and uncured.  A condition called cicatricial alopecia, wherein the hair follicles are damaged permanently also results from an itchy scalp. It is therefore very essential to meet with a physician, especially a dermatologist to have your itchy scalp hair loss treated as soon as possible.

There are so many natural remedies as well as effective oils that can reduce the itching and is also effectual in hair fall control. Derived from an aromatic plant, essential oils are volatile oils. Essential oils are primarily used and are made for the natural treatment.

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3 Essential Oils for Treating Itchy Scalp Hair Loss –

This includes Jojoba oil, Lavender oil, and Rosemary Oil.

Jojoba oil is excellent oil for moisturizing dry scalp and controlling dandruff. This oil is great to use for the hypoallergenic treatment as it works by imitating your natural skin’s sebum. It also removes the sebum which is deposited from the hair follicles. Apart from that, it also nourishes itchy scalp with vitamins E & B.

Lavender oils have the most wonderful & soothing fragrance. This oil is known to fight off the burning sensations, lice in your head, the irritating dandruff fungi and most especially the itchy scalp. Because of its smell and its anti-inflammatory effects, this remedy is very famous since it is often used in aromatherapy to help the mind relax. Some other benefits of lavender oil is that it helps to stimulate hair growth and is useful in the hair loss treatment where the problem is primarily due to an itchy scalp.

To have a helpful effect on hair growth, Lavender oil should be used in combination with Rosemary oil which has a strong smell. This is also used for aromatherapy treatments because it increases concentration and also somewhat removes boredom. That is why this oil is used when students are studying for the examination. It helps to nourish the skin when used in the scalp that results to stimulation of the hair follicles thus hair growth occurs. This essential oil is also perfect for preventing dandruff.

These most widely used essentials oils are used for controlling itchy scalp hair loss and also to rest the itching that you are feeling.

An itchy scalp should be treated without any delay.


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