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Doing effective exercises without any equipment

Staying fit is a difficult task for many people during these days, as in their busy life schedule they hardly find any time to go to the gym regularly. Some people find it difficult to do the exercise daily which results in their weight gain because of which they face various diseases especially related to heart. But it’s not going to be a problem anymore, as now they can contact to any legal health specialist who will guide their clients about the HIIT workout that is high intensity interval training. You might be thinking that what is HIIT? These HIIT workouts include the workouts to burn your fat and do not need any special equipment or do not need you to go to any particular gym.

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Various exercises to burn your fat

This HIIT technique includes various high intensity exercises that provide you quick results in shorter period of time which helps in keeping your heart healthy and burning more fats in less amount of time. There are various included in this technique that you can do anywhere at any time. Some exercises like 50 sit ups, 20 split jumps, 30push ups, 10 tricep dips and more. These number indicate the number of repetitions while this HIIT is termed with technique as these exercises need to be done according to the set period of timing with equal time for rest after each set. You can find more exercises and can ask more about these exercises by visiting to the site

Advantages for your Health

As these are the high intensity exercises with proper techniques used, which benefits your body in several ways. 15 minutes of intense exercise plays a major benefit than doing jogging on the treadmill for about an hour. These exercises make your heart healthier and help you to lose weight not the muscle.


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