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Can varicose veins cure by home remedies?

We can have Varicose Veins when small valves in the vein become weak. The valves stop blood from flowing backward through veins. When they get damaged, they pool in veins. It leads to swollen and twisted veins that are pretty visible.

These veins are noticeable due to the dark purple and blue color tones. These bulge out from under the skin. You will see visible symptoms of varicose veins. These are:

  • Throbbing or burning feeling in legs
  • Uncomfortable or heavy legs
  • Cramps in muscles
  • Swelling of ankles and feet
  • An itchy or dry skin on the varicose vein

Home remedies to cure varicose veins

There are some remedies to cure varicose veins when they are not severe enough for medication:

  1. Exercise

Exercising every day will promote blood circulation in legs and helps to push the blood that in the veins. It also reduces blood pressure – a leading cause of varicose veins. You should do mild exercises like walking, swimming, yoga or cycling.

  1. Compression

You can buy stockings that offer compression on the varicose veins. It helps the blood move towards your heart. There are quality compression stockings online to serve you for this condition.

  1. Good food

Dietary changes can help you treat varicose veins. Adding food that has high potassium in your diet, like pistachio and almonds, reduces water retention. Sodium-rich food help body to retain water so reducing salty food reduces water retention. Add food like potatoes, lentils, white beans, leafy greens, to your diet. Fishes like salmon and tuna are great too.

  1. Consume flavonoids

You must consume food that has flavonoids to help the varicose veins shrink. It improves blood circulation and keeps blood flowing properly. It reduces blood pressure in arteries and relaxes the blood vessels. Food like onions, vegetables, spinach and fruits like grapes, blueberries, apples, cherries are great flavonoids.

  1. Herbal remedies

As per the National Institute of Health, consuming grape seed extract or Vitis Vinifera helps reduce swelling in lower legs. There is no proper evidence but people who need blood-thinning medication must avoid grape seed extract. It is smart to ask a doctor if you can consume this for varicose veins or stick to other remedies.

  1. Massage

Massaging the varicose vein area can promote blood flow through veins. People can use gentle oils to massage the area. Try to use the ones that leave a moisturizing impact. You must not press the area directly as it can damage the fragile tissues.

These were some of the remedies that can help treat varicose vein at home or reduce their condition. However, these might not completely heal you or work on you if you are severe. Incredible Veins is the perfect place to turn to for diagnosing the exact condition and going through a proper treatment. You can ask the doctor if you can additional use these remedies, especially make dietary changes. Other than that, it is good to follow expert advice from reputed doctors.


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